Gohagan Poland

The world is your classroom with the CWRU Alumni Travel Program!

Journey along with CWRU alumni, parents and friends of the university to fascinating places around the world. Our trips provide a rich travel experience with an educational focus, lectures from expert CWRU faculty and the camaraderie of intellectually curious travelers.

CWRU Alumni Travel Programs offer an enriching opportunity for our alumni to reconnect with their alma mater while exploring new destinations. Trips are organized, curated programs, ranging from cultural excursions to adventurous expeditions, designed to foster connections among alumni while immersing them in unique experiences around the globe. 

Whether it's revisiting a familiar destination or venturing to distant corners of the world, these programs offer a blend of nostalgia and discovery, allowing alumni to continue their educational journey beyond graduation.

For trip information, contact Sarah Doody at 904.432.3141 or

Luminary Society Discount

CWRU Luminary Society members may receive additional discounts on CWRU Travel Programs. For more information, please contact the Office of Strategic Giving at 216.368.4460.

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