Alumni Board

The Case Western Reserve University Alumni Association’s Board of Directors is dedicated to fostering strong and active partnerships between the university and its graduates. Board involvement provides opportunities for alumni to engage in strategic university planning efforts and play an important role in the university's mission.

The 18-member board consists of an executive committee, four standing committees and two ad hoc committees. Members of the board of directors are individually elected to three-year terms of service. Regular board meetings are open to Alumni Association members, staff, students and other interested parties. Download the board's articles of governance.

The Alumni Association Board of CWRU 

President Vice President Secretary/Treasurer
Aishwarya Arjunan (CWR '10) Liz McFarlin-Marciak (CWR '10) Nancy Carlson (MGT '93)


  Board Member Affiliation Location Term
Aishwarya Arjunan
Aishwarya Arjunan (CWR '10) Chicago, Illinois 2022
Charles Brandman
Charles Brandman (CIT '73) Houston, Texas 2022
Nancy Carlson
Nancy Carlson (MGT '93) Peoria, Arizona 2021
Headshot of Bradford Crews, posed and smiling for the camera
Bradford W. Crews

Associate VP, Alumni Relations

Cleveland, Ohio ex officio
Dean Fazekas
Dean Fazekas (SAS '91) Olmsted Falls, Ohio 2021
Donte Gibbs
Donte Gibbs (CWR '10, SAS '12) Cleveland, Ohio 2022
Arnold Huffman
Arnold Huffman

(CWR '93) 
Immediate Past President

Atlanta, Georgia 2020
Alex Kranz
Alex Kranz (CWR '88) Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 2022
Jessica Malone
Jessica Malone (CWR '10) Cleveland, Ohio 2021
Magda Marcel
Magda Marcel (CWR '10) San Francisco, California 2021
Liz McFarlin-Marciak
Liz McFarlin-Marciak (CWR '10) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 2020
Jen Mendelson
Jennifer Mendelson (CWR '98) Shaker Heights, Ohio 2021
Chris Partis
Chris Partis (WRC '83) Akron, Ohio 2022
Srinivas Rao
Srinivas Rao (MGT '99) Issaquah, Washington 2023
Sarah Rovito
Sarah Rovito (CWR '07) Silver Spring, Maryland 2021
Adam Rupe
Adam Rupe (CWR '08) Washington, DC 2020
Lloyd Weema
Lloyd Weema (CWR '02) Beverly Hills, Florida 2020
Roger Wei
Roger Wei (CWR '96) Mayfield Heights, Ohio
Shanghai, China


2021 CWRU Alumni Association Board of Directors Committees & Goals

Communications & Development
Chairs: Chris Partis, Lloyd Weema
Current Board Member: Chuck Brandman
Emeriti Board Members: John Massie (CIT '66), Larry Rudawsky (LAW '82), Rob Stalder (CWR '94) 
Alumni Members: Anna Akkus (GRS '96, chemistry; GRS '01, macromolecular science; MGT '20), David Jargiello (WRC '82), Sarah Parr (CWR '20)
Executive Committee Liaison: Nancy Carlson
Staff Liaison: Kate McCreary (MGT '19), Senior Director, Alumni Relations
1. Share information from the schools to all alumni
2. Outreach to new members reflecting schools and affinity groups
3. Increase internal board communication 
4. Reach out to student groups with communications channels - The Observer and WRUW

Chairs: Jen Mendelson, Adam Rupe
Current Board Members: Jessica Malone, Magda Marcel, Srinivas Rao, Sarah Rovito
Emeriti Board Members: Nikki DiFilippo (MGT '94), Mickey Hammad (NUR '73), Allison Olenginski (CWR '01), Steve Simmons (CIT '79; GRS '82, electrical engineering & applied physics; MGT '86), Takeshi Tottori (GRS '82, metallurgy & material science), James Treleaven (CIT '69; GRS '90, management)
Alumni Members: Michael Lalich (CWR '10), Christian Wargo (CWR '13)
Executive Committee Liaison: Liz McFarlin-Marciak
Staff Liaison: Chamois Williams, Director, Alumni Engagement 
1. Host quarterly socialization events
2. Onboarding process for new board members
3. Alumni Summit 
4. Virtual vs. in-person programming
5. Ongoing engagement strategy for CWRU Connect: Alumni Career Network

Chairs: Dean Fazekas, Nancy Fink
Current Board Members: Arnold Huffman, Alex Kranz, Roger Wei 
Emeriti Board Members: Michael Magness (ADL '70, LAW '73), Paul Marcela (LAW '81), Joy Shefter (FSM '66)
Executive Committee Liaison: Aishwarya Arjunan
Staff Liaison: Bradford Crews (MNO '20), Associate Vice President, Alumni Relations
1. Board Pipeline recruitment
2. Articles of Governance
3. Evaluate election process 

Oral History
Chair: David AG Johnson Jr. (WRC '73)
Emeriti Board Members: Joy Shefter (FSM '66), James Treleaven (CIT '69; GRS '90, management)
Staff Liaison: Kate McCreary (MGT '19), Senior Director, Alumni Relations

Chairs: Alex Kranz, Jessica Malone
Current Board Members: Dean Fazekas, Lloyd Weema 
Emeriti Board Members: Jane Daroff (SAS '85), Chris Hook (CWR '03; GRS '04, political science), David AG Johnson Jr. (WRC '73), Laura Nosek (NUR '61, '81; GRS '86, nursing), Mario Pavicic (DEN '92), Judy Strauss-Schwartz (WRC '74)  
Alumni Members: Vera Perkin-Hughes (WRC '76)
Executive Committee Liaison: n/a
Staff Liaison: Elisse Corrigan (CWR '09, MGT '17), Director, Homecoming Events and Special Programming 
1. Coordinate with schools and affinity groups to increase and diversify awards pool 
2. Involve past awards recipients in ongoing programming
3. Access awards luncheon/reception
4. Increase nominations 

RISE (Race, Injustice & Social Equality)
Chairs: Donte Gibbs, Arnold Huffman
Current Board Members: Nancy Carlson, Lloyd Weema
Emeriti Board Members: Ka-Pi Hoh (CIT '84; GRS '87, '89, macromolecular science), David AG Johnson Jr. (WRC '73), Joy Shefter (FSM '66), Steve Simmons (CIT '79; GRS '82, electrical engineering & applied physics; MGT '86)
Alumni Members: Brandon Bradford (MGT '09), Leighton McCoy (CWR '95),  
Executive Committee Liaison: Arnold Huffman
Staff Liaison: Christal Crosby, Assistant Director, Student Young Alumni and Affinity Programs 
1. Increase visibility and awareness of the university’s actions addressing justice, equality, diversity and inclusion.
2. Create pathways for alumni engagement and support of university actions.
3. Foster alumni action in the form of community involvement, student and alumni support, and employment opportunities.

If you are interested in joining a committee, please let us know at