Alumni Newsletter — March 2023

A letter from new Alumni Board President Srinivas Rao (MGT ’99)

Dear fellow alumni and friends,

My name is Srinivas Rao, and I am the new president of the board of directors of The Alumni Association of Case Western Reserve University.

Srinivas Rao smiles at the camera wearing glasses, a pink button-down shirt and blazer

My experience as a Case Western Reserve student is one I’m sure many of you have shared. I encountered peers from all over the world who exposed me to new ideas, faculty who pushed me to think beyond the textbooks, and extracurricular activities that enriched my education. And when I graduated, connecting with fellow alumni was critical to advancing my career.

This is the third year of my final term on the board, and I’m thrilled for this opportunity to give back to my alma mater as president. My core focus is to grow engagement by helping alumni find their passion, whether that is mentoring students, attending affiliate and chapter events, connecting with parents and families, or volunteering on campus. 

I look forward to working with you and hearing your ideas for improving the alumni experience! In the meantime, I encourage you to explore the many ways you can get involved at CWRU. Participating in the university’s Day of Giving on April 4 is a great way to start.


Srinivas Rao (MGT ’99)
President, Board of Directors
The Alumni Association of Case Western Reserve University

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