Growing CWRU’s international alumni community

Elizabeth Miller stands smiling in front of Linsalata Center wearing a tan jacket and black shirt

Having worked in Case Western Reserve University’s Center for International Affairs for more than six years, Elizabeth Miller is familiar with the unique challenges students from other countries sometimes face.

Miller, who was the assistant director for international student advocacy, said it wasn’t unusual to receive a call from a student in distress. “My family funds my education,” they might say, “but now there's a war in my country, and my parents can't send me money. What should I do?”

Helping students navigate these situations—along with her own personal experiences abroad—prepared her to take on her latest role at the university: director of international alumni engagement. In this newly created position, Miller aims to increase alumni volunteerism and establish alumni networks in previously unreached regions.

She is working toward these objectives by locating alumni, identifying areas with interest in starting chapters, and creating avenues through which international alumni can voice questions and ideas.

Early in her role, she accompanied President Eric W. Kaler and his wife, Karen Kaler, on a trip to Tokyo. The October visit marked the 25th anniversary of the university’s Japan Alumni Chapter—an active group that has provided Miller a model for the growth of existing and future alumni chapters. 

Miller noted that many cultures do not share American ideas of what it means to be an alum. In addition to working with alumni, one of her goals is reinforcing to international students that “...when you graduate, no matter where you go, there are alumni all over the world who want to engage with you, who want to network with you and support you.”

Interested in learning more about alumni opportunities abroad? Email Elizabeth Miller at to tell her about yourself and discover ways to connect with other alumni in your area.