Quikpay Overview

QuikPAY is a secure, externally hosted, Level 1 PCI DSS compliant credit processing solution offered by Nelnet Business Solutions (NBS)

With QuikPAY, credit card information is entered directly on a secure externally hosted web page rather than on a campus-hosted one, thereby relieving the University of some burdens associated with PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliance. An additional benefit of using QuikPAY is that it interfaces directly with CWRU’s general ledger system nightly, so activity is automatically sent to the account of choice, without need of manual journal entries.

Two options exist for processing credit card transactions through QuikPAY, CSR and Payer.

Processing via Customer Service Representative (CSR): 

Departments can use QuikPAY in much the same way as they would with a normal credit card machine or point of sale terminal. As a CSR, a University employee logs into QuikPAY through a standard web browser and either enters credit card information or uses a card reader to process the payment on behalf of the payer. Please note both of the entry options now require an encrypted Bluefin card swiping device be attached to the computer to process payments. Please contact Twyla Miller, Manager of Treasury Operations, to order a Bluefin device. The QuikPAY interface is intuitive and provides immediate feedback on the success or failure of a transaction. Once the transaction is successfully completed it emails the payer a receipt. 

Processing via Payer:

Customers can interact with QuikPAY via a website where they would enter their own credit card information and submit a payment. In order to utilize “payer mode” QuikPAY must be integrated into an existing webpage maintained by a campus department or third party vendor solution solution.

The product has the flexibility to allow each department to customize the user experience, while maintaining a consistent look and feel for the end users. This “payer option” does require some technical expertise and maintenance at the department level. Assistance can be provided by your School or Department’s web person, or if you aren’t sure who that is you can reach out to University Marketing and Communications, or Utech who will work in conjunction with the Controller’s Office to setup your website integration.

An example of this mode is an online admissions application. Once a student completes an application form hosted on a campus website to gather any information needed, they can be passed to QuikPAY to enter their credit card information and submit the payment. Once the customer submits the payment, depending on what the School/Department wants to do they can be either redirected back to a campus website, redirected to a custom receipt screen with specific information related to their order, or they can receive a basic receipt directly within QuikPAY.