Student Wellness

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Our bodies respond to the way we think, feel and act, an association often referred to as the “Mind-Body Connection.” We strive for wellness in all areas of our lives in order to achieve academically, chart our career paths, and to advance our personal lives and relationships. These programs and services seek to mitigate risk, remove barriers to student success, encourage work-life balance, and create a diverse, respectful environment in which all can learn.

Alcohol and Drugs

UCS offers a variety of services for students concerning the sensitive issues of alcohol use, drug abuse and dependency. Alcohol and drug abuse can affect people in a variety of ways and can impact individuals, friends and family members.

Guided Relaxation Exercises

Problems arising from anxiety, stress or emotional disturbances may subversively affect the quality of life for many students. At Case Western Reserve University, we make it a top priority to address the physical and psychological well being of every student who visits our staff. Our special concern is for first-year students who require time to adapt themselves to their new environment. The relaxation exercises are based on Edmund Jacobson's widely popular and highly effective Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR) technique.

Quit Smoking

UHCS has tobacco cessation appointments available for students at UHS. Appointments include 30 minutes with a behavioral health specialist and 30 minutes with a physician. Readiness to quit, strategies for abstinence and medication support will be assessed. Students may be eligible for free nicotine replacement medications.