CIVIL WAR REGIMENTS of volunteers were raised according to need through "calls" made by Pres. Abraham Lincoln and the War Dept. Quotas were given to each state. The governor of each state, in turn, oversaw the recruitment of troops in military districts set up throughout his state. A variety of regiments were raised in Cleveland, made up mostly of Clevelanders or men from Cuyahoga County. Other regiments, not totally recruited in Cleveland, also contained a number of Cleveland men. Together these were the 1st, 7th, 8th, 23d, 37th, 41st, 42d, 60th, 65th, 67th, 84th, 103d, 107th, 124th, 128th, 150th, and 177th Ohio Volunteer Infantry Regiments; the 29th Ohio Natl. Guard Regiment (Ohio Volunteer Militia); the 1st Ohio Volunteer Light Artillery; the 19th and 20th Ohio Independent Batteries; and the 2d, 10th, and 12th Ohio Volunteer Cavalry Regiments.


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