Event Planning Tools

Academic Calendar

When's a good time to plan an event? Be sure to know when classes are—and are not—in session.

As no two events are the same, no single success formula exists. That’s why University Events offers a menu of support tools for organizers. The following tools and forms aid and inform the organizing process:

Campus Services Brief‌

Use this document to communicate your event needs to the campus service departments that support these areas.

Presidential Brief

Prepare this document to give your VIPS and speakers information they need to prepare to address or attend your event.

Campus Map

Campus Map (interactive)

Link to the campus camp to help your attendees find parking and navigate campus to get to your event on time.

MediaVision Media Waiver

Get this waiver signed to release all reproductions from photographs to visual recording to the ownership of Case Western Reserve University. For audio visual equipment needs, a reservation form is located on the UTech website.

Sample Budget‌

Stay on budget by identifying the expenses you might incur producing your event.

Sample Checklist and Timeline

Stay on schedule by developing a timeline to manage planning for your event.