Diane O. McDaniel Scholarship

Diane O. McDaniel

The Scholarship

Diane McDaniel will never forget the phone call she received on her birthday in 1968. The conversation offered the best present she could have imagined—one that affects her life to this day. Her Glenville High School principal was on the other end of the line with news from Baldwin Wallace College. The school had a scholarship for underrepresented students, and he was going to recommend her as the recipient. McDaniel began her undergraduate career that fall.

The financial assistance did not simply make attending college easier—it made it possible. McDaniel was in the top 10 percent of her graduating class, but her family lacked the resources to pay tuition. With just a few words, her principal presented an option that changed her post-high school plans forever. She now hopes to do the same for those seeking a Master's degree at CWRU's Weatherhead School of Management.

Diane O. McDaniel

Once she obtained her bachelor’s degree, McDaniel wanted more— namely, a master’s in business administration. With tuition assistance from her employer, Acme-Cleveland Corp., McDaniel earned her MBA in 1987 from the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University.

After a successful career in human resources at Acme- Cleveland Corp. and the Cleveland Metroparks, McDaniel is now retired and recognizes fully the pivotal role such support played in advancing her academic and professional aspirations.

McDaniel began supporting the Weatherhead School immediately after graduating, both with her dollars and her time. But she wanted to ensure that she made a permanent impact on tomorrow’s students.

 “I always thought that you needed millions of dollars to set up a scholarship,” said McDaniel. But she was delighted to learn she was mistaken. With a bequest of $50,000, she worked with the Weatherhead School’s development team to establish the Diane O. McDaniel Endowed Scholarship Fund for a diverse group of students pursuing their MBA or Master’s in Positive Organizational Development.

McDaniel was given life- changing opportunities by people who saw her potential and offered her financial support and encouragement. She’s excited and proud that her legacy will allow her to do the same for others.