Financial Information by Program Term & Type

Learn more about financing for semester/year, faculty-led short term, summer and other program types below.


Interested in a semester-long study abroad program? We offer programs in many countries, all while paying the same tuition you do at CWRU! Find more financial information about semester programs here.


Short-Term Faculty-Led programs are attached to CWRU courses comprising a variety of subjects. These programs are offered during winter break, spring break, May term and summer. Find information about Faculty-Led program finances here.


Interested in studying abroad during the summer? CWRU students enroll at a CWRU partner institution and can study abroad for as little as two weeks or for the entire summer. Find more information about summer study abroad program finances here.

Additional Program Types

Additional program types include internships, service learning, and research abroad (ISLRA), independent academic travel and--in rare cases--petitions to participate in non-approved programs. For any of these program types, students should email and meet with an advisor about a year in advance of their intended time abroad.