International Travel Resources

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Case Western Reserve offers many travel resources to support those traveling internationally on behalf of the university. While different offices offer different types of support, the Center for International Affairs is always available to help faculty, staff and students navigate the complexities of international travel. 

The Case Western Reserve Travel Office offers many areas of support for all types of travel, including international travel. From hotel discounts to transportation, the travel office is here to support all travelers on behalf of the university. 

The Travel Office's FAQs page is an excellent resource for questions about currency exchange, insurance, travel reimbursements and more. 

Because visa needs can vary when traveling abroad, CIBTvisas is the university's preferred vendor for visa processing. 

The Case Western Reserve Export Control Program should be contacted for information about restrictions of transporting laptops or other electronics when traveling to certain countries

Case Western Reserve provides all university international travelers with emergency international travel insurance. This insurance does not apply during personal travel. More information about the emergency international travel insurance can be found through the Case Western Reserve Office of Risk Management.