Photo Contest

Study Abroad Photo Contest

Do you have amazing photographs from your experience studying abroad? Share them with us and win!


To take part in this contest you must be a CWRU student who has studied abroad during Spring Semester 2018, Spring (May Abroad) 2018, May Term 2018, Summer 2018, Summer I or II 2018, Fall Semester 2018, Winter Break 2018-2019, Spring Break 2019, or Spring 2019. You may have participated in a short-term, long-term, or summer program.

International internship, research, and CWRU service-learning experience participants are allowed to compete as long as the programs they participated in were CWRU registered and approved.

Note that this competition does not include vacation travel unless it was part of a study abroad experience, i.e. a weekend trip while on a study abroad is eligible; a spring break trip with friends is not.


  • Cultural Selfie: $50
  • Landscapes, Bridges & Buildings: $50
  • The World is Your Classroom: $75
  • General Category: $50
  • Facebook’s Most Likes: $50
  • Overall Winner: $75

The winners of the Study Abroad Photo Contest will be invited to attend the International Achievement Luncheon, where the winning photos will be announced. 

Category Descriptions

All photos will be considered for the Overall and Facebook’s Most Likes categories. Prizes will be awarded for the best photo in the following categories:

  • Cultural Selfie - This is your best “selfie” with something of cultural significance behind you. The more adventurous your setting, the more likely you are to win a $50 prize.
  • Landscapes, Bridges, & Buildings - Send us your pictures of breathtaking landscapes, soaring buildings, impressive bridges, and the like. Photos can be from your international institution or some place you visited during your travels. The winner will receive a $50 prize.
  • The World is Your Classroom - Every study abroad experience is different, inside the classroom and out. Submit a picture of you on your host campus or doing something educational while abroad in order to win a $75 prize. Selfies are encouraged in this category as well!
  • General Category - Showcase the photos that may not fit into the other categories. This can be a photo of you and your friends from abroad, an action shot from your most memorable excursion, a picture of you trying a new and exotic food, etc. The winner will receive a $50 prize.
  • Facebook’s Most Likes - All photos submitted to the contest will be posted to the Study Abroad Facebook page. The photo that receives the most likes wins $50.
  • Overall Winner - all the photos that are submitted to the contest will also be considered for the overall winner category. This category is meant to showcase what studying abroad at CWRU really looks like: students, the world, and studying in it. The judges will decide which photo is the overall winner and that student will receive an additional $75.

How to Submit

  • Click "Apply Now" on the Education Abroad application page.
  • Each photo must have a resolution of 300 dpi (1200x1500 resolution) or higher in the jpeg (or jpg) format.
  • Each photo must be titled with entrant’s first and last name, and the number of the photo being submitted. For example: firstlast1.jpg, firstlast2.jpg, firstlast3.jpg.
  • A maximum of four photos can be submitted per entrant, one photo per category only. 
  • All photos must be received no later than 11:59pm on March 21, 2019.


  • Photos must be original work and have been taken by the entrant while studying abroad (employees of Center for International Affairs are not eligible). A maximum of four photos may be submitted per entrant, one photo per category only.
  • Correctly submitted photos will be considered for prizes and the winners will be displayed on campus. Judges comprised of CWRU faculty and staff will choose photos that encourage others to study abroad. Photos with students learning in them (and especially students in CWRU gear) are highly regarded by our judges!
  • There are no color (sepia, black and white, etc.) restrictions.

All submitted photos (winners and non-winners) become property of Case Western Reserve University, and may be used in all CWRU promotional materials. Photos will not be returned. By submitting a photo, you in turn grant these privileges. CWRU may duplicate, distribute, alter and/or publish, including on social media, any of the submitted photos.

Questions? Email for answers!