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Pathway 2: Integrate Humanity & Technology

University Goal: Define the next level of understanding and knowledge creation at the intersection of humanity and technology.

2.1 CWRU Objective: Research.  Pursue a highly competitive portfolio in human-tech research.

KSL Initiatives:

2.1.1 Develop robust, innovative and collaborative human-tech programs and infrastructures that optimize the use of library expertise and content. 
2.1.2 Enrich library content, and apply our expertise in data management and mining, as foundational factors for human-tech research and programs on campus.

2.2 CWRU Objective: Education.  Provide opportunities and experiences for students to advance their understanding of societal implications at the intersection of humanity and technology.

KSL Initiatives:

2.2.1 Seek to integrate digital and information competencies into the CWRU curriculum, including by creating a formal and credit-bearing course developed and taught by experts from the library. 
2.2.2 Develop new ways to incorporate digital scholarship to improve the quality of instruction.

2.3 CWRU Objective: Infrastructure. Create and deploy a robust and financially sustainable digital learning and research infrastructure.

KSL Initiatives:

2.3.1 Provide knowledge, expertise, and tools to develop and support digitally enhanced spaces to support human-tech research and course development. 
2.3.2 Advocate for the use of Open Educational Resources (OER) and provide a rich resource guide about available OERs for classroom use. 
2.3.3 Provide OER educational and consulting services for faculty who wish to learn about the process to create their own open access materials and potential outlets for hosting them. 
2.3.4 Explore the application of artificial intelligence technologies and methods to enrich the access to, and application and promotion of, library services.