Theme 4: Extend Our Outreach, Engagement, and Impact through Campus and Community Collaboration, and Partnerships

(Enables CWRU Pathways 1, 3, and 4)

KSL is the knowledge and creativity commons of the campus. We develop partnerships to enhance available expertise and provide impactful services, programs, and resources. The KSL library crosses all disciplines and enables the campus, the University Circle, and the broader community to build synergies and connections which results in new discoveries and innovation.


  • Revitalize events, exhibitions, and programs internally and with campus partners.
  • Build connections with students and meet them where they are.
  • Establish a partnership with the Office of Research.
  • Work with UTech and the Office of Research to establish a data management service for the campus.
  • Enhance relationships with other CWRU libraries and affiliate libraries, University Circle libraries, institutes, museums, and public libraries to consider opportunities for deeper collaboration, shared services, and programs. 
  • Work with International Affairs to build relevant services and advocate for open access to improve international rankings.
  • Build a campus outreach program to coordinate the current instruction program, consider connections with SAGES and the new GER (library course HUMN 212), the first year experience, student success, and other relevant programs and curriculum.
  • Implement an opt-in open access pilot for faculty and explore other opportunities to increase open scholarship.
  • Consider developing graduate and undergraduate certificate programs built from this training in specialized areas to share with the campus and broader community.