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Pathway 4: Shape the Agora

University Goal: Build a respectful, diverse and effective university community.

4.1 CWRU Objective: Equitable Community. Become a model of a diverse, equitable, inclusive and welcoming campus culture for all.

KSL Initiatives:

4.1.1 Implement the elements of the campus libraries’ Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan as a contribution to the University effort to be a model of a diverse, equitable, inclusive, and welcoming community. 
4.1.2 Hire, train and retain student workers who represent the diversity of the campus community. 
4.1.3 Ensure that staff and all services at all services points (e.g., Welcome Desk, Service Center, Freedman Center, research services) are welcoming and inclusive. 
4.1.4 Develop research collections that encompass a broad perspective about the experiences of current and historically marginalized groups. 

4.2 CWRU Objective: Policies and Practices.  Strengthen our policies and practices, and ensure accountability for their implementation to sustain CWRU as a just and fair community that consistently puts our people first. 

KSL Initiatives:

4.2.1 Ensure that the library is a highly-effective steward of all of our financial, content, and staff resources, reducing barriers to information access for our stakeholders.

4.3 CWRU Objective: Leadership.  Provide all members of the campus community with opportunities to cultivate leadership and become contributing members of the agora.

KSL Initiatives:

4.3.1 Serve as a model organization that demonstrates continuous innovation, inclusiveness, and transparency.  
4.3.2 Identify creative new ways to recognize and reward unsung heroes within the library. 
4.3.3 Establish KSL as a leader on campus and as a national thought leader to advance the digital competencies for all constituencies of the campus community.