Pathway 2: Integrate Humanity & Technology

University Goal: Define the next level of understanding and knowledge creation at the intersection of humanity and technology.

2.1 CWRU Objective: Research.  Pursue a highly competitive portfolio in human-tech research.

KSL Initiative:

2.1.1 Serve as information translators between the humans and technology by enriching library content and metadata to make KSL-owned content highly discoverable, and able to be mined and used effectively by educators and researchers.

2.3 CWRU Objective: Infrastructure. Create and deploy a robust and financially sustainable digital learning and research infrastructure.

KSL Initiatives:

2.3.1    Provide knowledge, expertise, and tools to advance digital scholarship through enhanced research services, technologies and spaces that support human-tech research and course development.

2.3.2    Assess the application of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to enrich the access to and use of library services. [1]

[1] Examples: recommender systems, AI driven chat and help systems (bots), and systems for data driven purchases.