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Freedman Fellows Program

Kelvin Smith Library and the Freedman Center for Digital Scholarship are proud to announce the selection of the 2018 Freedman Fellows, a program funded by the College of Arts and Sciences, the Kelvin Smith Library and the Freedman Fellows Endowment established by Samuel B. and Marian K. Freedman.

About the program

The Freedman Fellows Program helps members of the CWRU community integrate new digital tools and technologies into their research and teaching. The Freedman Fellows Program supports full-time CWRU faculty, staff, researchers, and post-docs, whose current scholarly research projects involve the use of digital tools and processes that are of scholarly or instructional interest.

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The Freedman Center is a partnership between the College of Arts and Sciences and the Kelvin Smith Library. Established in 2005, with over 2,700 square feet of highly functional workspace and state-of-the-art equipment, the Freedman Center harnesses the power of modern technology and combines it with the driver of academic creativity.

Please see our mission, vision and values statement.

The Freedman Center consists primarily of three service areas:

  • Digital Library Services
  • Multimedia Services
  • Instruction/Special Programming

The Freedman Center is evidence of the College of Arts and Sciences’ commitment to the evolution of education and the integration of information technologies in its curriculum and research practices. For the Kelvin Smith Library, the Freedman Center is the culmination of a 10-year vision for a center that provides faculty, students, and staff with the ability to use analog and digital information sources for research.

Staff can guide you through your project and teach you how to use the latest technology, whether you are creating a PowerPoint presentation or creating a corpus of data for text mining. You will walk away with a completed project and the skills to do it again.

The Freedman Fellows Program exists to assist faculty with imagining, planning and developing digital scholarship projects. In 2007, the Freedman family provided the Freedman Center and Case Western Reserve University with an endowed fund of $250,000 to support future Freedman Fellows programs. The gift included support for collaborative programming with the Baker Nord Center for the Humanities to explore how the Freedman Fellows Program can also encourage providing immersive instruction in the tools that would benefit their scholarly pursuits.

The call for proposals occurs during the Spring semester. The program features related events scheduled throughout the year culminating in a final presentation in spring of the next calendar year. Details will be posted on this site.

Full-time CWRU faculty, staff, researchers, and post-docs at Case Western Reserve University. Former Freedman Fellows can apply, but special consideration is given to first-time applicants.

Yes. We highly encourage you to reach out for a consultation with the Digital Learning & Scholarship Team. You can email to ask questions and schedule a consultation.

The funding model is flexible, providing a pool of funds that can be used to support projects of varying size. Proposed funding requests can range from $1,000 to a maximum of $15,000.

This depends on the number of applicants, the quality of their proposals—including clearly stated or expected impact of the research—and the amount of the funds requested.

A grouping of data on which you propose to perform your scholarly research or teaching activities. This ideally will be an intellectual grouping or arrangement of materials by some criteria relevant to the project you intend to carry out. A corpus of data can include actual data sets (SPSS, survey results, GPS and ArcGIS files), digital texts, images, databases, and more. Analog work, like archival materials, may be digitized for the purposes of the project.

Awards are made to support the expenses arising from innovative scholarly or creative projects that meet the Freedman Fellows criteria. The required budget should illustrate: the extent of planning you have dedicated to your proposed project and the level of thought that has the project has been given; a justification of how you will use funds to carry out the the project and reach its goals. Funds may not be used for purchasing a teaching release, equipment, or supporting travel.

Specific details will be set up per project, but generally fellows can expect an extensive collaboration with the Digital Learning & Scholarship staff. The team will coordinate technological aspects of the project and advise on adjacent issues, such as copyright, privacy, or data ethics.