Graduate Student Research Commons

Graduate Student Research Commons Room View

Kelvin Smith Library [KSL] recognizes the varied needs of different scholarly audiences. The Graduate Student Research Commons, located on the second floor of KSL aims to balance those needs and conveniences with a host of new opportunities for research collaboration and social interactions. The room, accessible to graduate students, post-docs and faculty with their CWRU ID card, provides a comfortable space to engage in conversation and collaboration, as well as provides quiet reading and study space.

The reading room is a more traditional setting with tables, ergonomic chairs, casual seating as well as mobile whiteboards and is available for use during staffed service hours. This space is not available during overnight access. In response to suggestions to improve the space, students requested additional tables as well as relaxation tools be added to the space. This past year, KSL responded with adding more tables as well as board games to the room.

By pre-arrangement, the room may be used for selected events that enhance graduate student research and learning. For additional information, please contact the Library Administration office at (216) 368-2992 or email