The Biochemistry Stockroom has Ceased Full Service Operation Effective, May 10 2024

Thank you for entrusting the Biochemistry Stockroom to supply the lab supplies and reagents needed to conduct your labs' research endeavors. 

The Stockroom will transition to an unmanned ThermoFisher Supply Center service point, and will only support direct login ThermoFisher Supply Center orders. 

Please contact John Black with Thermo Fisher for guidance in creating a SupplyCenter direct login account.

Please make arrangements to purchase future lab supplies orders directly from your life sciences supply vendors. Most of these vendors are also available via CWRU Smartcart e-procurement portals:


Cell Signaling Technology: 

Laboratory Products Sales: 

New England Biolabs: 

Millipore Sigma: 



For those of you who utilize our Azenta dropbox services for Sanger sequencing, the dropbox service will continue. However you will now need to set up individual accounts with Azenta. The Stockroom will no longer facilitate centralized billing. Please set up your individual accounts with Azenta by May 1.

The Azenta dropbox will continue operation after the Stockroom closes, but the centralized billing has ceased, as of May 1. Your labs will now need to set up billing accounts directly with Azenta Life Sciences.


Please contact Emily ( and Jessica  ( for assistance in generating blanket POs or quotations for molecular biology services. If any researcher is looking to set up a NEW account with us, they can navigate here and select “sign up now”. 


Please also note that the dropbox location will move to near W439 on Monday, May 13.