Combined Bachelor's/MS in Biochemistry

Current CWRU students who are interested in combining their undergraduate degree with a MS in Biochemistry may apply for early admission to our MS program and complete courses for both their undergraduate and MS degrees concurrently. 

Students should review the MS in Biochemistry and its curriculum to decide if it will be a benefit for their future career and/or studies.  Since nine credit hours of approved graduate courses can be double-counted for both the student's undergraduate and MS degrees, the combined program will save the student time and tuition compared to pursuing their degrees sequentially.

CWRU has admission requirements for all combined Bachelor's/Master's programs.  Additional admission requirements for the combined Bachelor's/MS in Biochemistry are:  a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5, completion of BIOC 101, and completion of a BIOC course that is 3 credit hours (or more) at the 300-level (or higher) with a letter grade of A or B.

Additional information including sample plans of study can be found at our information page.  You may also contact:

Dr. Hung-Ying Kao for questions about applying to the MS in Biochemistry

Dr. Susan Wang for questions about the MS in Biochemistry curriculum

Dr. Vivien Yee for any other questions about the combined Bachelor's/MS in Biochemistry program