Certificate in Experimental Biotechnology

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The Certificate Program in Experimental Biotechnology program prepares students for employment opportunities in biotechnology, as researchers in academia or the biotechnology industry. It provides hands-on experience and marketable skills in biochemistry, molecular biology, and biotechnology. The program can be completed in one year of full-time study or two years of part-time study. Part-time study is ideal for people who wish to pursue the certificate while they are working.

Laboratory courses provide experience at the bench in recombinant protein production, mammalian cell culture, molecular and cell biology, and mass spectrometry. Classroom courses cover experimental design, documentation of experiments, and professional skills and core courses in biochemistry and molecular biology.

The program has the following components:

  • Laboratory courses (BIOC 500, 502A, 502B, and 502C, 6 credit hours). 
  • Classroom courses about experimental design and the practice of biotechnology (BIOC 501 and 511, 4 credit hours)
  • Classroom courses to provide a strong academic foundation (BIOC 407 and 408).

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It is possible for students in our Biochemistry MS program to complete these courses in year 1 and earn a Certificate in Experimental Biotechnology. 

Applications are evaluated by the MS admissions committee and students are advised by the MS program advisor.



Entering students should have an undergraduate degree in biochemistry, biology, chemistry, or a related science, with a solid background in mathematics, chemistry, physics and biology.

Prospective students should submit an application online, along with two letters of recommendation, transcript(s) of undergraduate and graduate work, official TOEFL scores if they are required.

Students are admitted for the fall semester, although we welcome inquiries about spring admission.

For the fall semester, applications are reviewed on a rolling basis starting Dec. 1. The priority deadline for fall is March 1 and applications are accepted until June 1.  

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Scholarships and waivers are not usually provided to our certificate students. 
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