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Member Position Phone Number
J. Alan Diehl, Ph.D. Chair 216.368.5991
Vivien Yee, Ph.D. Vice-Chair for Education and Director of Undergraduate Programs  216.368.1184
Hung-Ying Kao, Ph.D. Director of Graduate Studies 216.368.1150
Susan Wang, Ph.D. Director of Masters Program Planning  216.368.3921
Meetha Pai Gould Director of Administrative Operations 216.368.3467
Deandra Lynch-Morris Administrative Support to Department Chair 216.368.5991
Cynthia Ernst Administrative Manager for Education 216.368.1232
Dawn Brown Grants and Finance Administrator 216.368.3344
Mario Cane Department Administrator 216.368.4992
Gera Snelling HR Coordinator 216.368.2286
Ray-Albert Noscal Stockroom Manager 216.368.3486
Leslie Severt Teaching Lab Manager 216.368.4973
Andrew Bielski Department Assistant 216.368.0290


Department Fax: 216.368.8845