Dual Degree Programs with MS in Biochemistry

The Department of Biochemistry offers several dual degree programs, in which students pursue an MS in Biochemistry in conjunction with a second graduate or professional degree.  Nine credit hours of graduate coursework can be double-counted for both degrees in these dual degree programs, reducing the Biochemistry coursework requirements from 36 to 27 credit hours.  (For students following the 2024-25 General Bulletin, the Biochemistry MS requirement is reduced from 30 to 21 credit hours in the dual degree programs.)

JD/MS in Biochemistry

This is a four year program designed for students who have a scientific background and a clear interest in intellectual property and patent law in the biomedical sciences. Students can complete the dual degree with the addition of one year of study to the JD degree. Find more information for the JD/MS in Biochemistry program.

MBA/MS in Biochemistry

This program prepares students to participate in the fields of medical research and management; dual degree students are more likely to have greater job opportunities that are at the intersection of translational science and business. Find more information for the MBA/MS program.

Questions concerning either of these dual degree programs may be sent to biochem_ms_program@case.edu.

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