Bachelor's Degree Programs

Biochemistry is one of the most popular undergraduate majors (8th largest at CWRU).  Our research-based department in the School of Medicine offers BS and BA in Biochemistry degree programs, as well as a minor.  Research is a key part of our major, and there are many excellent opportunities within our department and the School of Medicine.  With easy access to nearby hospitals such as Cleveland Clinic, University Hospitals, and the VA Medical Center, students have ~200 research laboratories from which to choose.  Learn more about our research!

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What is Biochemistry?

The field of biochemistry encompasses an extremely broad and ever-growing variety of topics focused on studying biomedically-relevant problems from a molecular point of view.  Biochemists make fundamental discoveries that provide a platform for understanding life, from the study of individual proteins and nucleic acids to control of gene expression in entire tissues.  This research contributes directly to the development of therapies for health issues such as metabolic disorders, cancer, and infectious diseases.


Why major in Biochemistry?

As a biochemist, you will:
  • Gain a deep understanding of the fundamental processes of life
  • Engage in biomedical research relevant to human health and disease
  • Apply classroom knowledge to solving problems in world-class labs
  • Develop scientific literacy to inform your decisions in the modern world
With a degree in biochemistry, you:
  • Are well-prepared for medical and other professional schools
  • Have research experiences required for industry (e.g. biotechnology, pharmaceutical)
  • Will be competitive for top graduate programs
  • Bring crucial scientific knowledge to a variety of careers (e.g. finance, consulting, media, patent law)
Why Biochemistry at CWRU?

Biochemistry is a world-class research-intensive department located in the CWRU School of Medicine.  Our undergraduate major offers:

  • All courses taught by outstanding and engaged faculty
  • Concentrations in cancer, infectious disease, metabolism, and computational biosciences
  • Biomedical research and mentoring opportunities with internationally-recognized faculty
  • Department-based advising for professional and graduate careers

New for 2022-2023:  freshmen may apply for the Research Honors track in Biochemistry.


Summer Undergraduate Research Program 

The Hanson Summer Research Scholar Program provides support for undergraduates to be involved in biochemical research during the summer. Learn more about our Undergrad Summer Research Program.


Case Undergraduate Biochemistry Society (CUBS)

CUBS is a student-run organization for students interested in Biochemistry. It organizes social events that build cameraderie and provide an opportunity for networking. It also offers peer mentoring and shared experiences in the Biochemistry major and in biochemical research. For more information, please visit their web site.