Study Abroad

Around the world, ethical issues in medicine and the life sciences are addressed in different ways, reflecting different cultural traditions and social systems. Gaining an appreciation for this international diversity is critical to students of bioethics around the world, and can be an illuminating intellectual experience.

To help address this need, the Department of Bioethics at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio (USA) has developed study abroad partnerships with a number of academic institutions in other countries.

These 3-credit courses are open to all undergraduate and graduate students from Case Western Reserve University and other universities that will allow the CWRU credits to transfer. They have particular relevance for those who are in pre-health programs. No prerequisite courses are required.

Stuart Youngner, M.D., Professor of Bioethics, summarized the value of these courses: "The International Short-Term Bioethics Courses offered by the Department of Bioethics are a tremendous opportunity for pre-health students at CWRU. These courses offer a window into critical Bioethics questions such as end-of-life decisions, reproductive rights, and health care justice. Moreover, they do so in another country, comparing how similar issues are handled by different cultures. This gives students not only a broader perspective, but also an opportunity to reflect on how culture has helped shape their own individual views about issues central to the delivery of health care."

Insoo Hyun, Ph.D., Professor of Bioethics, added: "There is no better way to understand any major Bioethical issue affecting the U.S. -- for example, the delivery of health care, issues at the end of life, or public health, than to compare how these problems are framed and addressed in other cultural settings. Every pre-health student at CWRU has a unique opportunity to gain valuable new insights by studying abroad with our Department's many international colleagues on their own home turf. If you are eager to bring fresh new perspectives into your budding career as a health professional, this is your chance."

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