Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park

BETH 315Y/ 415Y: Conservation, Compassion, and Awe in Yellowstone National Park: Environmental Ethics and Human Health


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Cost for May 2020: $2750

This program fee includes all meals, all lodging, and transportation related to the course.

Course Description

This class brings together the study of conservation, ethics and human well-being in a hands-on investigation at Yellowstone National Park. The course returns to the original meaning of the term bioethics as including the biome. It covers conservation ethics and human relationships with the environment and other species as they impact human health across multiple levels. The course draws on theories, models and methods from psychological anthropology and political ecology to frame the complex dynamics of interaction. The evolution and psychology of compassion and awe are engaged in processual models of human interaction with the natural world and other species. Both have important implications for human health in everyday behavioral practice and in clinical settings.