Abstract and Poster Guidelines 2019

Poster Presentations are an important way to feature the work ongoing in your lab. We appreciate the effort involved in preparing a poster, and we want to feature your work appropriately. In order to do so, we need you to submit an abstract by 12:00 PM Friday, 23 August, 2019.

Please indicate one Study Area in which your abstract best fits from the list below:

  • Behavior and Cognition   
  • Cerebrovascular and Trauma   
  • Computational Neuroscience, Devices, and Imaging    
  • Development        
  • Neurodegeneration  
  • Policy, Ethics and Law  
  • Therapeutic Interventions, Drug Development, Stem & Progenitor Cells    

We are using Society for Neuroscience guidelines for abstract submission, with the exception that there is no fee for abstract submission, and content presented at other meetings may be presented here as long as the information is up to date. 

View 2018 Submitted Abstracts

Abstract Preparation

Report original research.

  • Abstract length is limited to 2,300 characters
  • Some aspect of the abstract should be original in the current submission to reflect new progress.
  • State the study's research objective and rationale, summarize methods and results, and state the conclusions.
  • It is not satisfactory to say, "The results will be discussed." Emphasize the rationale, significance of results, and general principles. State whether the research is exploratory or confirmatory.
  • Summarize efforts to ensure scientific rigor, including sample sizes and replication, blinding, and which controls were used.
  • Scientific rigor is the structured and controlled application of the scientific method using the highest standards in the field, including considerations in experimental design, data analysis, and reproducibility.
  • Report relevant biological variables. 
  • Examples include the species, age, and sex of experimental subjects and whether sex differences were assessed.
  • Use standard abbreviations for units of measure. 
  • Other abbreviations should be fully spelled out on first mention, followed by the abbreviation in parentheses.

Abstract Submission

Your abstract submission should be an email sent to cbhi@case.edu containing:

  • Name of presenting author
  • Names of all authors 
  • Affiliation for each author (department, institution, address)
  • Title
  • Word file with the abstract content
  • Study Area (from the list above)

Poster Presentations

Art boards for poster presentation are standard size 6' x 4'.

Presentations will be given to judges in a timeframe that will be posted in the Abstract Guide. Poster judging will occur after the morning session. The best poster presentations will be awarded prizes by our judges. For guidelines in poster presentation, refer to the Society for Neuroscience Abstract Preparation guidelines.