About the Genomics Core

Located on the first floor of the Wood building at CWRU, the Genomics Core Facility offers a wide range of services to all investigators at CWRU, its partnering institutions as well as non-affiliated institutions and businesses. We offer a multitude of genomics services including high throughput sequencing services, genotyping and gene expression analysis and Sanger sequencing options. We also provide DNA and RNA quality control (QC) services. The Genomics Core provides a centralized resource working to take the difficulty out of high throughput (Next Generation) sequencing projects for both novice and experienced users alike. To accomplish this, we provide assistance in all facets of experimentation from design to data analysis. We strive to service our research community in a cost-effective and efficient manner to enable them to conduct the best research possible.

Remember to acknowledge the valuable services provided by the Genomics Core in your research papers and publications:

"This research was supported by the Genomics Core Facility of the CWRU School of Medicine's Genetics and Genome Sciences Department."

Disclaimer: Data generated by the CWRU Genomics Core are for research purposes only.