Quality Control

Using a combination of a Qubit Fluorometer, the Agilent , Advanced Analytical Fragment Analyzer, and the Invitrogen E-gel Agarose Gel Electrophoresis system, the Genomics Core offers services for evaluating the quantity and quality of both DNA and RNA samples in a wide range of concentrations and sample types to its users.

Qubit Fluorometer

The Qubit Fluorometer is a small, easy to use instrument used for quantification of DNA and RNA samples. The fluorometric based assays are an industry standard for all Illumina assays and applications. Results are provided in EXCEL format with ng/ul units.

Qubit Assay Kit Available Quantitation Range
dsDNA BR Assay Kit 2 – 1000ng
dsDNA HS Assay Kit 0.1 – 100ng
RNA BR Assay Kit 20 – 1000ng
RNA HS Assay Kit 5 – 100ng


Agilent Fragment Analyzer 5200

Advanced Analytical Technologies Fragment Analyzer

The Agilent Fragment Analyzer 5200 (FA) is a micro-fluidics based platform used for sizing, quantifying, and assessing quality of DNA and RNA samples. The high sensitivity or NGS DNA kits allow for the analysis of fragmented DNA or DNA libraries. The RNA kits allow for the assessment of RNA integrity by assigning an RNA quality score (RIN/RQN) to each profile generated, on a scale of 1–10 where 10 is fully intact RNA and 1 is completed degraded RNA. The algorithms apply the 28s/18s ratio to generate a score. Results are provided in PDF format.




Kits Available Quantitation Range
High Sensitivity NGS Fragment Analysis Kit Low concentrated dsDNA from 50 – 7000bp
Standard Sensitivity RNA Analysis kit Total and mRNA of 25 – 500ng/ul
High Sensitivity RNA Analysis Kit Total and mRNA of 50 to 5,000 pg/µL


E-Gel Agarose Gel Electrophoresis System

The E-Gel Agarose Gel Electrophoresis System is a completely bufferless system for the analysis of DNA length and quality. In the Genomics Core, it is used mainly for the assessment of genomic DNA and PCR products.  Results are provided in PNG format.


QC Only Sample Submission

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The volume required for analysis is dependent upon the services chosen.

Qubit ONLY: 3 uL min

Full QC - Qubit & FA: 5 uL min

More is always appreciated. 

Submit samples in 1.5ml tubes, clearly labeled with sample name, date, and your name/initials. Sample name on tube and iLab request form should match. No strip tubes.

Do not submit your entire sample. We cannot store leftover sample.

If you do not wish for your samples to be discarded please make your request known in BOLD letters and please retrieve the samples within 7 days after results have been e-mailed.


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