DNA Shearing & Size Selection


DNA Shearing 

Covaris S2 DNA Sonicator

The Genomics Core houses the Covaris S2 Focused-ultrasonicator, which uses Adaptive Focused Acoustics (AFA), as a service for size selection (DNA shearing), chromatin shearing and cell lysis. It is most commonly known for shearing DNA in preparation of making Illumina libraries for NGS. For applications not listed, please contact the Core for more details.



Covaris S2 Sample Submission
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Provide a copy of the protocol that lists the Covaris S2 settings for shearing, including Duty Cycle, Intensity, Cycles per Burst and shear time.

Users may shear their own samples. Contact the Core for more details and instructions on getting trained. 

Submit samples in 1.5ml tubes, clearly labeled with sample name, date and your name/initials. Sample names on tube and iLab request form should match. No strip tubes.


Total quantity, volume required, and other treatment settings are protocol dependent and provided by the user.


The Core stocks:

  • 130ul tubes (6x16mm microTUBE)
  • 1mL tubes (milliTUBE 1ml)
  • 1.5mL tubes (12x24mm round bottom glass tube).

Select the appropriate one for your project. 



DNA Size Selection

The Sage Science Pippin Prep is a dye-free system used for DNA size selection in a variety of NGS technologies and compatible with the Illumina platforms. Gel cassettes are available in three different agarose concentrations to provide a full range of options between 100bp up to 1.5kb. The Core provides reagents for 2-3% gel cassettes good for 100 bp - 600 bp size selection. If the range needed for your application is not listed, please contact the Core.


Pippin Prep Sample Submission
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DNA Size Selection for Next-Gen Sequencing (100bp – 1.5kb). The Core stocks:

  • 3% agarose, 100-250 bp
  • 2% agarose, 100-600 bp

Users are charged for use of a full cassette, which runs up to 5 samples at one time. 

Total quantity, volume required, and other treatment settings are protocol dependent and can be discussed with a Core member. Contact the Core to discuss your project.


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