Other Services

The Genomics Core provides a la carte services for all users needing to determine the quality and quantity of DNA and/or RNA sample, no matter what the downstream application might be. We offer both Pippin Prep and Covaris S2 Focused-ultrasonicator for size selection services and use with a wide range of downstream DNA applications. Navigate the pages in this section to explore our other services.

The Genomics Core is now transitioning all service requests over to iLab Operations Software, a part of Agilent Technologies’ CrossLab platform. This is an online system to streamline the process of ordering and billing for core service requests. 

In order to gain access to your funds you will need to begin by logging into iLab at the following web address:


Once an account is created, the Genomics Core ordering site can be found here:


Simply click on Request Services tab to begin.