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University Policies

University policies and procedures at Case Western Reserve University create a safe and supportive environment for all people, regardless of class, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation.

All university students enrolled at CWRU are expected to become familiar with these policies and procedures. The university has a right to exercise disciplinary action in cases where students violate the law or the university code of conduct. The university does this to protect the rights and responsibilities of our community and the reputation of our institution.

We encourage the community to engage with one another in a respectful manner. We hold all students, staff, and faculty accountable for their actions, and we understand the implicit responsibilities of our interactions on campus and within our community.

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School of Graduate Studies

The School of Graduate Studies (SGS) provides a foundation of policies, procedures and resources that govern and support all CWRU graduate students and programs. 

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Program Specific Resources

Each of our academic programs have resources to guide their students to the successful completion of their degree program. Please check out your programs website to access resources they provide. 

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