MS in Systems Biology and Bioinformatics

Do you want to convert big data into understandable models that might change the world? With a graduate degree in Systems Biology and Bioinformatics, you will combine your love of math, statistics, computers and biology to develop computational models with which to provide new insight and understanding of big data, leading to big discoveries in laboratory and clinical settings.

Data science is the convergence of data engineering, math, statistics, advanced computing, the scientific method and subject-matter expertise. It involves the collection, management, analysis and transformation of "big data" into actionable information that can answer some of the world's most pressing problems. There is a distinct need for data science experts who can efficiently interpret data into information that is useful for strategic decision-making. It is the goal of the Systems Biology and Bioinformatics program to produce these scientists that are needed to assist in extracting meaning from the burgeoning biological 'omics field. 

The SYBB program offers a multidisciplinary training program personally customized to each student leading to an MS or PhD. The program draws training faculty (currently more than 40 trainers) from more than 12 departments and 6 schools across the CWRU campus, ensuring students in the program acquire the expertise needed to succeed in the bioinformatic analysis of biological big data.

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Learn more about the faculty and students currently in our program.

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The  academic requirements of the SYBB Program provide students with the requisite skills to analyze and make sense of “Big Data."

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Career Opportunities

Training in data science equips students for work in the burgeoning data science field, where demand for MS trained data analysts and computer modelers is growing substantially.

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Our students have the opportunity to take part in basic and applied research at CWRU, Cleveland Clinic, and University Hospitals.  This experiential learning helps students to prepare for careers in the field.

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Degree Requirements

The SYBB program is a research intensive MS with individualized plans of study that include required classes that cover core competencies and electives and thesis research that provide domain experience.