Learning Environment

Collaborative Community

Becoming a student in the Master of Science in Translational Pharmaceutical Science program means becoming a part of the collaborative community at Case Western Reserve University. Here, you can excel with the support of enthusiastic faculty and staff across the School of Medicine, School of Law, Case School of Engineering and Weatherhead School of Management. To further support your professional development, our program partners with pharmaceutical companies through EnRICH to provide a unique learning and mentoring experience that will set you apart.

Two scientists collaborating to interpret data on a computer screen.


Unique Training Experience

With the guidance of our School of Medicine faculty, you will understand what it takes to bring a drug to market and become an expert in the areas of professional communication and collaboration, pharmaceutical science principles, drug development and clinical trials. In order to understand all facets required for industry success, you will also have the opportunity to develop an interdisciplinary training plan through elective selection. These courses will call on the expertise of faculty across CWRU. Together, these learning opportunities paired with hands-on experiences, like internships or research projects, will ensure you are prepared for your future career.

A graduate student receiving hands-on training at the microscope.


Faculty and Staff 

Get to know the faculty and staff who support the Master of Science in Translational Pharmaceutical Science Program.

Several graduate students discussing nanoparticle design with a faculty member.