Group Exercise Classes

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Visit our Home Page for our virtual group exercise classes while we are closed do to COVID-19. 


Class is in Session

Did you know you have a greater chance of staying active and achieving your fitness goals if you attend group exercise classes? Research shows it. We have ~50 classes per week and have the choices to keep you motivated and challenged. And all group exercise classes are free for One to One members! 

Peruse the One to One Group Exercise calendar online, add our classes to your personal calendar, share them with your friends or print out the season’s schedule.

Please note, the schedule is subject to change without notice. Classes averaging fewer than 10 participants may be removed. Invite your friends, family and co-workers to join you!


January-April Class Schedule! 

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We are excited to welcome and introduce new instructors and new classes this semester, including Yoga Sculpt and Pilates Mat with Weights. We also have changes in some class lengths, times and formats. Check it out and take your workout to a new level this year!

Jan.-Apr. Group Ex Schedule    Jan.-Apr. Class Descriptions

*Members can view the real-time schedule with instructor updates through MYiCLUB.

Register for MYiCLUB via the link above, or follow these instructions


Be challenged, stay safe

Our talented, certified instructors design each class to challenge you in a safe way that keeps you engaged and improves your fitness. But before diving into the next session, take some tips:

  • Wear comfortable and appropriate workout attire for the discipline and proper footwear.
  • Ask the instructor to help you learn target heart rate and understand heart rate response.
  • Give your body time to adapt to the exercise.
  • Drink water before, during and after exercise to prevent dehydration and muscle cramps.
  • Eat normally throughout the day. Do not take a class on an empty stomach.
  • If you arrive late or leave early, you should still warm up, cool down and stretch.
  • Do not enter if 10 or more minutes late, do not leave before cooling down.
  • Notify your instructor if you have special conditions or concerns (i.e., pregnancy, diabetes, fasting or surgery).‌

TRX class at 121 Fitness at Case Western Reserve University

Group Exercise vs. Small Group Training.  What is the difference? 

Our main group exercise classes are free to all One to One members and guests! ‌View the current schedule via the buttons above!

Our Small Group Training classes (TRX, Kettlebell, and Total Body Training) and Pilates Reformer allow you to work more closely with the certified instructor in a small group setting for a small additional fee.  ALL MEMBERS can try a small group training class for FREE!  You will love these classes - check them out!


Next Level Fitness Studio Classes

Interested in specialized classes in an upscale, boutique studio setting?

Head over to Next Level Fitness Studio and check out our Class Schedule to find some unique offerings!