Accounts Payable Quick Tips

Invoice Submission:
Please send invoices to in PDF format. Do not send questions to this email as they will not be replied to. Make sure our Purchase Order (PO) number is listed on the invoice. Invoices without correct PO numbers will not be processed or paid.

Account Payable Questions:
For accounts payable inquiries, email with your questions. Do not send invoices to this email for processing as it may cause a delay in your invoice processing.

Change Supplier Information:
The Supplier will need to provide updated Supplier Information Forms and submit to Box using the same link. We will NOT change the remit to address, company name, tax ID or any other payment information without updated Supplier Information Forms.  Any requested changes on an invoice will not be honored. 

Common Invoice Rejection/Processing Delay Causes:

  • No PO number: A valid CWRU PO must be displayed on the invoice NOT in the email.
  • File Format: Invoices should be submitted in PDF format. Excel, CSV, Word, jpeg and other invoice formats will not be accepted by the system.
  • Multiple invoices: Do not send multiple attachments or invoices in the same email. Each email should include a separate invoice. Combining invoices in one document or email can cause the additional invoices to not be processed correctly or not processed at all.
  • Duplicates: Do not submit invoices repeatedly within a 60-day period. It will cause a hold on the invoices while we investigate discrepancies in the duplicate invoices.
  • Payments: Do not send invoices that exceed the PO amount or approved amount if referencing a blanket PO.
  • SmartCart: if you are a SmartCart vendor, your invoices MUST be submitted through SmartCart and will not be processed by Accounts Payable.