Accounts Payable Tips & Responses to Frequently Asked Questions

Utilizing these helpful tips will ensure efficiency in our processing and prompt payments to your vendors.

  • Requisitions should be created before purchasing goods or services.

  • Attach quotes and invoices to requisition.

  • Purchase order number or requisition number should be on an invoice before submitting to Accounts Payable for payment.

  • Validate that there are enough funds on the purchase order, before submitting an invoice for payment.

  • Pay requests are used to reimburse individuals who are non-CWRU employees. The request must be signed by someone other than the requester.

  • Invoices greater than $5,000 for goods and services must be received before Accounts Payable can process for payment.

  • Vendor is paid from the date of invoice date, not when the invoice is received in Accounts Payable.

  • Accounts Payable will only pay off the invoice, not statements, estimates or quotes.

  • The method of payment for vendors or individual is a credit card or ACH.

  • The T&E Module is used to reimburse employees and students. Stipends, awards, and honorariums may also be processed through T&E module.

  • Payment to any vendor or individual must have either a social security number or taxpayer identifying number on file.

  • To check on payment status for an invoice using a requisition as reference:

    1. Click on EProcurement → Manage requisitions → Type in requisition number → Enter requisition number. If the requisition is not yours, delete the date from and requestor fields.

    2. Click search → Requisition arrow. Fields will be highlighted in blue indicating status.

  • To check payment status for an invoice using a purchase order as reference:

    1. Click on Purchasing → Purchasing Order → Activity Summary → Enter PO Number → Enter → Click invoice tab → Click on the little box to far right.

  • International wires to vendors are processed through the Controller’s Office.

  • Check runs are on Monday and Thursday.

  • The T&E Module is used for CWRU students and employees.

  • Mileage reimbursement requires address start and stop location with a Google map.

  • Meals should list guest in attendance.

  • Please remember to attach receipts.

  • Itemized receipts are required for meals.

  • Travel advances are processed through Travel Services.