Terms & Conditions

Making Things Easier for Vendors

The Case Western Reserve University procurement department contracted office is here to serve the University community's valued vendors, whether they're longtime suppliers or new to doing business with the University.

The contract office has two central obligations: to streamline the contracting process for both external vendors and internal clients and to act as a responsible steward of precious University resources. We work hard each day to balance those two crucial responsibilities.

A Word About Diversity, a Core Principle

At CWRU, we embrace diversity as a core value. We pride ourselves on being a community of scholars, with a culture of inclusion. That includes strategically doing business with a broad and diverse array of outside suppliers.

The Procurement Office is the university community's central hub for promoting the strategic acquisition of goods and services that meet the university's requirements for value, quality and timeliness. At the same time, we're charged with increasing the participation of vendor relationships with a widely diverse array of disadvantaged businesses. You can learn more at our Supplier Diversity Page.

Our Vendor Payment Terms

The University standard payment terms are "Net 45." Payment checks are sent to vendors on the 45th day after the date of invoice. Limited exceptions to these terms include payments to specified MBE/FBE vendors. The University takes every available opportunity to explore discounts with its vendors. They are negotiated on a case-by-case basis. You can learn more at our Accounts Payable page.

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