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  • Inter-Office Campus Mail Procedure
  • Incoming Mail & Packages Procedures
  • Change An Employee's Ship-To Location in PeopleSoft
  • Outgoing Mail & Packages Procedures
  • International Mail & Shipments Procedures (Sending & Receiving)
  • FedEx Account Request Form
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  • Phone: 216-368-2565
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Inter-Office Campus Mail Procedure
  1. Use the correct envelope. When preparing inter-office campus mail, be sure to use inter-office mail envelopes. DO NOT use a white envelope for inter-office mail because the mail could be inadvertently mistaken for First Class Mail, unnecessary postage could be affixed to the envelope at the user department's expense, and further, become undelivered or delayed to the final destination. 
    • Non-confidential correspondence - use the kraft brown envelopes
    • Confidential correspondence - use the blue confidential envelopes or seal the contents in an envelope and clearly mark it as "Confidential". The sealed envelope can be placed in an inter-office kraft brown envelope.   
  2. Labeling the Envelope - Inter-office mail should be addressed with the following information: Full Name, Department, Building/Room, and Location Code.  Always list the four-digit location code for the department receiving mail to ensure fast and efficient distribution and delivery of campus mail. Click here for campus location codes. 
Incoming Mail & Packages Procedures
  • Incoming mail should be addressed to: Case Western Reserve University, Your Department's Name, 10900 Euclid Avenue,  Cleveland, OH, 44106-####.   The "####" should be replaced with your department's 4-digit location code.   All mail addressed to CWRU regardless of the mail-to location is automatically redirected by the post office to our Cedar Avenue Services Center.   By properly using the 4-digit location code, our mail room can ensure your mail arrives at the proper location.  To find your 4-digit code, follow this link: Click here for campus location codes. Mail is sorted and delivered daily throughout campus. 
  • Incoming Packages via Non-USPS carriers (UPS, FedEx, Amazon, Walmart, etc) - Packages being delivered by non-USPS carriers should be addressed to your physical building address and room number so they are delivered by the carrier to the proper location as efficiently as possible. These carriers are responsible for the proper delivery of the shipped goods.  If the package is large or palletized, it may be delivered to 10620 Cedar Avenue, <Your Department Name & Contact Person>, Cleveland, OH 44106, and your department should coordinate with the University Movers to deliver the package to your department. 
  • Incoming Packages via USPS - Packages being delivered by USPS should follow the same procedure as the Incoming Mail as listed above.  Packages over 24 lbs or 24 inches, may be available for pick up at the Cedar Avenue Services Center or you may request delivery through the University Movers to deliver the package to your department. 
Change An Employee's Ship-To Location in PeopleSoft
  • Change Ship-To Location: For changes in an employee’s internal location, or for staff additions and deletions, submit the requested change using this Google form: here.  If you have additional questions, please email  The Mail Services cannot be responsible for forwarding mail to persons no longer at their previous location or a part of the university community. Instead, each department is responsible for forwarding such incoming mail.
Outgoing Mail & Packages Procedures

When submitting outgoing U.S. Mail and parcels for metering, we ask that you bundle the mailings separately into the following categories: domestic, international, and already stamped mail. The originating department must use a Mail Center Slip with each bundle, except for stamped mail.  This improves the accuracy of processed mailings.

If you need a new Mail Center Slip template, fill out this Request For New Mail Center Slip Form and email it to This ensures you receive the university's discount USPS postage rate and that the postage is correctly billed back to your department.  

Unless otherwise designated, all mail will be processed as first-class mail. A special out-going mail pick-up can be arranged for the following:

  • 50 or more 9×12 envelopes

  • Large volumes of mail consisting of at least one tub, tray, or box

  • Parcels that cannot fit into the outgoing mailboxes

International Mail and Shipment Procedures

When receiving or shipping goods or mail internationally, please refer to the helpful links below. Find out how export regulations impact specific international shipments, by contacting the Associate University Compliance and Privacy Officer, at 216.368.0833, or email

FedEx Account Request Form

To sign up for the university's Fedex account, please fill out this form and email to  The mailroom team will activate your account in 1-2 business days and you will receive a confirmation email.