What is SmartCART?

SmartCART is a Convenient, Advanced, Requisitioning Tool used by CWRU Purchasing to acquire goods from contracted vendors. Products and vendors enabled on SmartCART have been issued a central contract with exclusive CWRU pricing that is available only through the SmartCART application. SmartCART is integrated with PeopleSoft Financials and can be accessed two ways.

1. PeopleSoft Financials (eProcurement -> Requisition -> SmartCART):

Users can punch out to SmartCART to shop for goods from multiple vendors at one time. Once they have filled their cart, it can be brought back into PeopleSoft Financials where the accounting information (speedtype, account number) is assigned and submitted for approval. The Requisition is approved, a Purchase Order created, and then it is transmitted from SmartCART to the vendor for invoicing and fulfillment. This role is known as a Requester

2. Window Shopper role

A typical Window Shopper has knowledge of the goods that need to be ordered, but is not in a position that has access to or a need to order items directly. For example, a lab manager may know the specific products and supplies needed and will submit shopping carts to their Department Assistant for approval and creation of a Requisition. The process to become a Window Shopper is to have a supervisor fill out the form linked below, and then complete the required Canvas course. The site will then be accessible through a stand-alone web link

Please do not submit the form more than once. If you are waiting on a pending request, please email to inquire.

Both Requesters and Window Shoppers can search for past orders using Document Search (left-hand menu navigation in SmartCART), utilizing the Requisition or PO number. Note this will not work for Draft Carts. Draft Carts can be viewed under Shop > My Carts and Orders > View Carts. 


Click Here for more SMARTCART Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)


How to Become a SMARTCART Window Shopper

1. Take the online training through Canvas. You will need to enroll in the Window Shopper course located here, then return to your Canvas homepage to enter the course. Make sure to proceed all the way through the slides.

2. Complete the Window Shopper access request form (Google Forms). Note: This is not for PeopleSoft Financials users.

3. Once your access is provisioned (and confirmed via an email sent to you), access SmartCART here.


SmartCART Affiliate Forms

Four local hospital partners have SmartCART forms enabled to expedite the expense transfer processes with these partners. All payments being made to affiliate hospitals (Metro Health, Cleveland Clinic, University Hospitals and the Cleveland VA Medical Center) should be initiated on a requisition utilizing these SmartCART forms. The detailed statement should be attached to your requisition to ensure appropriate payment.

CWRU Affiliate Form Quick Reference Guide