Anti-Discrimination Statement

Group of people standing together smiling at camera

The Community Innovation Network calls all people to take a stand against racism and hate speech aimed at people of Chinese and other Asian descent. The discriminatory commentary and harmful stereotyping around COVID-19 has caused an increase in racial targeting of people of Chinese and other Asian descent. Everyone is susceptible to the virus; an individual cannot be contagious based on their race or national origin. The increase in assaults, harassment and hate crimes against people of Chinese and other Asian descent must be condemned. Please, stand with us and our Chinese and other Asian descent relatives, friends, colleagues and neighbors today, and if you see something, say something. Speak out against negative behaviors, including on social media, and denounce the exclusion of people who pose no more risk than anyone else. The enemy is the COVID-19 virus, not those of Chinese or other Asian descent. Stigma hurts everyone by creating fear or anger towards other people. Racism is a virus that must be stopped.


The Community Innovation Network 号召所有人一起反对针对华人和亚裔的仇恨言论和任何形式的种族歧视。有关COVID-19的歧视性评论和有害的刻板印象导致了针对华人和亚裔的种族歧视增加。疫情发生,所有人都有感染风险,无论他们是谁,无论他们来自哪里。针对华人和亚裔的攻击、骚扰和仇恨犯罪的增加必须受到谴责。 今天,请和我们以及我们华人和亚裔的亲戚、朋友、同事和邻居站在一起,公开反对谴责排外主义和种族歧视。如果你看到什么,就说什么,不要做冷漠的旁观者。一个人不可能因为他的种族或国籍而具有传染性,我们的敌人是COVID-19病毒,而不是华人和亚裔。因为恐惧和愤怒而污名化华人和亚裔伤害了每一个人。种族主义是一种病毒,必须制止。