Mini Grants

The Center for Civic Engagement & Learning (CCEL) is pleased to offer project mini grants of $150 to support CWRU civic engagement projects. These mini grants are designated for projects and activities that promote principles of civic engagement and actively engage students, staff, faculty, and/or community members.

Mini-Grant Request Process

To request a civic engagement mini-grant, please complete the CCEL Mini-Grant Application. Submit as soon as possible, but at least 2 weeks before your event. CCEL does not fund projects that have already occurred.

Mini-Grant Criteria

Successful applications will emphasize unique collaborations, student voice and leadership, or community voice and impact. They also should be consistent with the mission of the Center for Civic Engagement & Learning: The mission of CCEL is to create an engaged campus by providing and supporting opportunities for community service and collective action while promoting civic awareness and leadership. Preference will be given to projects that directly involve more than one form of civic engagement (direct service, philanthropy, education and advocacy, political engagement, etc). Funding requests must be from CWRU recognized student organizations or departments.

Eligible Expenses

Mini-grants may cover the following expenses that are integral to the project:

  • materials and supplies
  • speaker fees or honorarium
  • food costs that are integral to the project

Unallowable Costs

Unallowable costs include:

  • give-away items (unless they have a direct civic engagement outcome)
  • staff or student salaries/stipends or personal compensation
  • funding to cover costs of an individual student (or other individuals)
  • direct donations
  • food that is simply an incentive for participants to attend an event
  • CCEL mini-van use or CCEL mini-van rental fees are not allowable as a mini-grant request

Example Project Expenses

Examples of project expenses that were funded in the past:

  • Craft and activity supplies for weekly sessions of Big Brothers Big Sisters.
  • Speaker fee to host an interactive graphics presentation on campus to educate about mountaintop removal and the impact of coal on Appalachian communities.
  • Materials for a Women's Health Expo, organized by CWRU volunteers, and open to community members.
  • Funds for a screening of a documentary film focused on human rights and refugee issues.
  • Gym supplies for a Winter Olympics event, coordinated by CWRU volunteers, held at Collinwood High School for local youth to promote health awareness and obesity prevention in the community.
  • Fencing materials for a community garden created in partnership with a Cleveland neighborhood as part of a CWRU senior capstone project.