Van Use Regulations

The CCEL vans may be operated only by permanent employees of the university and by students who meet the following criteria:

  • Have a valid driver's license
  • Have an acceptable driving record
  • Are at least 18 years of age
  • Have completed the CWRU Driver Safety Training facilitated by the CWRU Environmental Health and Safety Office (EHS).
  • Have completed the CCEL driver certification process, including the Practice Driving Session
  • Have completed, signed and returned the associated paperwork.

In the case of scheduling conflicts, priority will be given to:

  • CCEL's ongoing programs
  • Service learning activities linked with academic coursework
  • Service projects
  • Service Projects with the largest number of anticipated passengers

Additional Guidelines

  1. Borrowers of the van will always observe the load limit established by the University. Each mini van can accommodate a total of 7 people in the van (1 driver and 6 passengers). State law and University regulations require all passengers to wear a seat belt.
  2. Borrowers of the van will only transport CWRU-affiliated students, staff, faculty and alumni.
  3. Borrowers of the van will maintain the Mileage Logs and record each outgoing and incoming trip. There is a binder in each vehicle to track this information.
  4. Borrowers of the van will make sure that laminated insurance cards are on hand in the vehicles.
  5. Borrowers of the van will return the key(s) and garage swipe card(s) to CCEL upon completion of their trip.
  6. Borrowers of the van will notify CCEL staff as soon as the fuel gauge falls to a quarter of a tank level so that the vehicles can be refueled.
  7. Borrowers of the van are responsible for refueling for any trip over 50 miles round-trip.
  8. Borrowers of the van must notify CCEL at 216.368.6960 immediately of any dents/dings/damage to the vehicle(s). The vans are monitored regularly for "incidents."
  9. Borrowers of the van will follow the "Automobile Incident Procedures Form" in the event of an accident and phone CCEL with information.
  10. Borrowers of the van will be responsible for the insurance deductible resulting from any damage to the vehicle(s) during routine use. In the case that CCEL is charged a deductible for repair, the respective organization will be billed for this amount and ineligible to use the CCEL van again until the bill is paid.
  11. Borrowers of the van will remove any items taken to site(s) and any others brought with users that do not belong in the vehicle(s) immediately upon return to campus.
  12. Borrowers of the van will not eat and/or drink in the vehicles. Too many sticky, smelly messes and petrified pieces of food have been left behind, which impacts the use for others.

Exceptions to the above regulations will be made only by the CCEL director, on a case-by-case basis.