Van Use Regulations

The CCEL vans may be operated only by permanent employees of CWRU and by current CWRU students, all of whom meet the following criteria::

In the case of scheduling conflicts, priority will be given to:

  • CCEL's ongoing programs
  • Service learning activities linked with academic coursework
  • Service projects
  • Service Projects with the largest number of anticipated passengers

Additional Guidelines

Safety is the top priority for all CCEL vans. All CCEL certified van drivers must abide by the following rules while operating the CCEL vans:

  1. CCEL vans may be driven only by CWRU students, staff, or faculty, all of whom must have completed the CCEL Van Driver Certification Process and are in current compliance with the CCEL Van Driver Eligibility Requirements, including requirements of a driver’s motor vehicle record as described below.
  2. Drivers must observe the load limit established by the University. The minivan allows for one driver and six passengers per trip (seven total in the van). State law and University regulations require all passengers to wear a seatbelt.
  3. All drivers must follow all traffic laws, including obeying speed limits and all other laws.
  4. All CCEL van drivers and riders must follow current CWRU safety guidelines for COVID-19; check CWRU’s website for the most recent updates. Currently all drivers and passengers must wear masks covering nose and mouth the entire time they are in the vans.
  5. CCEL vans may only be used to transport CWRU-affiliated students, staff, faculty and/or alumni and cannot transport non CWRU participants (e.g., service site clients, program youth, or family members).
  6. CWRU students, staff, and faculty who would like to use a van must have a member of their group be certified by CCEL to drive the vans. Groups may then go through the CCEL Van Reservation Process to request use of the CCEL vans at least three business days in advance of your requested date to allow adequate time for processing.
  7. CCEL vans may not be used for trips over 150 miles roundtrip or for trips outside of the United States. For trips under 50 miles round-trip, Van Usage Rates cover gas and maintenance fees and will be billed to the organization or department.
  8. Drivers must only drive the CCEL van during reasonable times to lower the risk of “sleepy driving.” CCEL vans are not permitted to be driven between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m.
  9. Drivers may not use their cell phones use while driving (no talking or texting on phone, even in “hands free” mode, via speakerphone and/or with earbuds/headphones)
  10. Drivers must refrain from driving while playing loud music and the use of earbuds/headphones is strictly and always prohibited while operating a CCEL van. 
  11. Drivers must complete the Mileage Logs and Checklist for each outgoing and incoming trip.  There is a van folder in each vehicle with the mileage log and checklists. 
  12. Before departing, drivers must make sure that van insurance cards and registration information are in the Mileage Log Binders. 
  13. Drivers must return the van to Lot S-29 (the parking garage underneath Severance Hall) at the end of their confirmed reservation time. Please see Additional information about the parking garage, parking gate card, and van parking below.
  14. Drivers must return the van key to CCEL upon completion of the trip. If the CCEL office is closed, return the keys to the Tinkham Veale University Center customer service desk.
  15. Drivers must notify CCEL staff as soon as the fuel gauge falls to, or below, a quarter (1/4) of a tank so that the vehicles can be refueled. If you are ever in an emergency situation where you need gas, please fill the tank with what you need, keep the receipt, and notify CCEL staff. 
  16. Borrowers of the van must notify CCEL at 216.368.6960 immediately of any dents/dings/damage to the vehicle(s). The vans are monitored regularly for "incidents."
  17. Drivers and passengers must follow the "Automobile Incident Procedures" found  CCEL Van Use Packet, in the event of an accident. A copy of these procedures are located in the folder of each van that also include CCEL staff emergency contact numbers.
  18. Drivers and passengers  must remove any items or trash from the van and make sure the van is in the same condition as when it was borrowed. Ensure that no bottles or litter is on the floor that could create a potentially hazardous situation for the driver.
  19. Drivers and passengers of the van will remove any items taken to site(s) and any others brought with users that do not belong in the vehicle(s) immediately upon return to campus.
  20. Borrowers of the van will not eat and/or drink in the vehicles. Too many sticky, smelly messes and petrified pieces of food have been left behind, which impacts the use for others.
  21. Drivers must always follow safe driving practices: rotate multiple drivers on longer trips, do not drive in severe weather or icy conditions.
  22. Drivers must take a break from driving at least every three hours; breaks must be at least 15 minutes.
  23. During any trip, each van must travel with an awake and alert passenger/navigator in the front passenger seat.
  24. Remember that the name of the university is on the van. Drivers and passengers will be held to a high standard of conduct while representing the university in this capacity and will be held responsible for any inappropriate behavior while traveling in the van.
  25. A driver is personally responsible for paying any fees/charges associated with parking or traffic violations or lost or damaged keys/parking gate cards.
  26. Borrowers of the van will be responsible for the insurance deductible resulting from any damage to the vehicle(s) during routine use. In the case that CCEL is charged a deductible for repair, the respective organization will be billed for this amount and ineligible to use the CCEL van again until the bill is paid.
  27. Certified drivers must contact CCEL staff immediately should they, the certified driver, experience any changes or events that impact their eligibility to drive a CCEL van. 

Exceptions to the above regulations will be made only by the CCEL director, on a case-by-case basis. The CCEL Van Use Packet includes the above and information about the van reservation process, van usage rates, automobile incident procedures, and the van use contract. Contact with questions.