Community Leadership Development

foodNEST 2.0 and our commitment to leadership development

The Modeling the Future of Food in Your Neighborhood Study (foodNEST 2.0) is conducted in partnership with multiple stakeholders from diverse sectors in Greater Cleveland. Working together, this team developed a Menu of Actions focused on potential leverage points for jumpstarting community-driven food system changes that lead to:

  • Households with financial strength and food security;
  • Neighborhoods with fair access to affordable, fresh, and healthy foods; and
  • Communities that are strong in body, mind, and spirit.

Our approach recognizes that community-driven food system changes must uplift leadership that already exists within communities. With this in mind, several opportunities have been created to ensure this work is being facilitated by those who are impacted the most by the inequities existing in neighborhoods across Cleveland.


Community Leadership Development Principles
  • Collaborative change strengthened by high-quality, trusting relationships that build on the assets of the community.
  • Community-centered change rooted in the lived experiences of the community and guided by local data.
  • Systems analysis that examines the deeply rooted forces shaping local food systems and the potential leverage points for accelerating changes that tip the food system to fairness.
  • Culture of experimentation that supports creative approaches tested through feedback and simulation, trial and adaptation.
  • Spirit of co-learning to grow from insights, connections and resources shared among leaders in the fellowship program, local teams, and mentors.
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