Modeling the Future of Food in Your Neighborhood (foodNEST 2.0)

Group Photo of Core Modeling Team of foodNEST2.0

Modeling the Future of Food in Your Neighborhood (foodNEST2.0) works collaboratively to develop computational models and decision support tools that can guide food systems in the city of Cleveland toward equity. 

foodNEST 2.0 does this by examining key changes to local food systems - such as supermarket expansion, healthy-eating marketing campaigns, or emergency food assistance programs - in order to develop models that can be used in low-income neighborhoods to build equitable food systems and community health. These computational models will reflect interdependencies among different actors and interventions influencing local food system dynamics in low-resource neighborhoods. Read more about foodNEST 2.0.

The Menu of Actions for Community Driven Food Systems Change is one of several tools developed by the foodNEST 2.0 collaborative to mobilize community driven food systems change. The Menu of Actions brings together our collective insights, captured through various data-gathering approaches, about the dynamic complexity of the local food system in Greater Cleveland.

The work of this grant builds upon the Future of Food in Your Neighborhood Study (foodNEST), which was funded by the National Institutes of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases in 2015 to look at how changes in the food retail environment affect community health. Read more about foodNEST 1.0.

Get Involved

  • We invite you to explore the Menu of Actions for Community Driven Food Systems Change to learn more about our group and about how to maximize your impact in advancing equity in the food system. 
  • Explore the foodNEST 2.0 final report, which includes all foodNEST achievements and links to publications, a summary of commitments to advance nutrition equity, and the definition of nutrition equity. 
  • For more information or to learn how to get involved, please contact: