Travel and Expense Guide Notes


Entering a Speedtype 

Using the "accounting defaults" button will pre-populate all new lines with the speedtype entered. Once a default speedtype is entered, then a user may go into any expense line to change an account code or manipulate the speedtype. Click the editing icon [ General Information ] from the Expense Summary Page to access the "accounting defaults."

Entering a speedtype within "Accounting Defaults" (screenshot)

Finding "Accounting Defaults" in "Create an Expense Report" (screenshot)

Navigating to "Accounting Defaults" from Expense Summary Page (screenshot)


Edit A Report

Use "My Expense Reports" to track the status or edit a report.

Status in "My Expense Reports" (screenshot)


Attaching a Receipt

Attach a receipt anywhere in the report-building process:

From Create Expense Report (screenshot)

From the Summary Page (screenshot)

From the Expense Entry Page (screenshot)


Changing a Payee

You must change the payee from yourself (default) when you are authorized to enter an expense report on behalf of another traveler.

Click chevron icon [ Michael Kurutz: Related Actions ] to change the payee in "My Expense Report" tile (screenshot)


Report Description: Keeping it Real

Use a first initial| last name | brief description sequence in your "Report Description" line.  This generates critical information on your monthly statement and saves a reviewer the effort of looking up the EMPLID and business purpose of the traveler. Avoid creating vague entries like "expense report."

Report Description Best Practice (screenshot)


Visit this page for additional and updated information in the coming days. Contact Michael Kurutz (x6092; with any questions.  



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