What the Module Does

Travel and Expense Module Overview

The PeopleSoft Travel and Expense Module is an essential financial tool for university travelers. It's an evolutionary step above older paper-based expense software that allows travelers and supervisors to enter and approve expense reimbursements from anywhere with Internet access. It's also a team-based system that coordinates the efforts of department staff to assist travelers with report entry and submission. A traveler can scan receipts after dinner in Singapore, a staff assistant enter financial information in Cleveland, and a supervisor can review and approve while on travel in Costa Rica. Those involved can see a complete audit trail of submission, approval, and payment by whom and at what time. 

AMEX Travel and Expense cardholders use the T&E Module to pay policy-supported charges on their cards. Once approved by a supervisor and Accounts Payable staff, payment is transmitted directly to American Express. This provides convenience to the traveler, while also insuring a high standard of policy compliance as expenses are paid only after full review.