What You Need to Use the Module

Access to the T&E Module

Employees need basic security permissions in PeopleSoft Financials (fin.case.edu) to access the Travel and Expense Module. Either the employee or a staff member on behalf of the employee can request permission by using the PeopleSoft Online Security Form. This is done from within PeopleSoft Financials itself, not from PeopleSoft HCM, a completely separate and distinct online system.

Sign in to PeopleSoft Financials, and click on the Main Menu tab at the top left of the page. Find the CWRU Online Security Form menu choice at the lower portion of your pop-up menu.

Screenshot of the selecting the cwru security form from the main menu of PeopleSoft


Click the CWRU Online Security Form link.  Then choose New Security Requests from the pop-up menu. Then enter your CWRU network ID.

Complete the Request Form, being careful fill in only the header information and checking the Travel and Expense box in the lower right corner of the form. If you complete other areas of the form, training classes may be required, slowing the approval process. 

Screenshot of Security Access Request Form, which shows personal information, purchasing/procurement information, and then under "miscellaneous," a "travel and expenses" section with the box checked