Guest Reimbursement Guidelines

If you are new to the CWRU travel reimbursement process, review the following guidelines.  Note that some policies and procedures differ from the home institutions of those visiting the university. And, know that individual CWRU departments may have additional guidelines. Contact your host department, finance or administrative staff with expense-related questions.


  1. Complete the appropriate personal information form to become a "vendor" in the Peoplesoft Financials system.
  2. Most travel-related reimbursements at CWRU are receipt-based. Meal expenses have limits  ($13 breakfast, $16-lunch, $35-dinner). Detailed receipts are needed for meals when not claiming allowances.
  3. All taxi, toll, and airline baggage expenses are receipt-based. And, public transportation costs must be reasonable.  
  4. Many departments support direct billing of airline and local hotel charges via CWRU's preferred travel agencies. This frees visitors from putting expenses on personal credit cards. Please contact your host department for more information.
  5. Hotel folios, which provide the necessary support for lodging reimbursements, must be turned in to the department submitting on behalf of the traveler..
  6. When renting a vehicle, submit a final receipt with payment information to support reimbursement. University preferred car rental vendors provide discounted rates for vehicles when visiting CWRU, as well as university-supported travel across the United States and abroad.
  7. Please provide actual receipts for airfares. These receipts should include last four digits of credit card, card type, card holder. Itineraries without payment information are inadequate support for reimbursement.
  8. International travel must include an exchange rate reference when converting foreign currencies into U.S. dollars. References may include credit card statements, debit card receipts, change kiosk receipts, and estimates from online sites.